GTM The League

A player-run competitive league for Golden Tee Mobile. We offer prizes, stat-tracking and a ladder promotion system for competitive gameplay.

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Multiple Divisions so all Players can Compete on a More Level Playing Field

Our ladder promotion system allows players of every skill level to have a competitive environment tailored to where they are in the game.

We seed players in the appropriate division based on skill level. At the end of each season, we have progressive promotions for top performers to ensure all players are playing against players with a similar skill level. We currently have 4 primary divisions consisting of 20 players each and a 5th scalable division for players who are new to The League. Those divisions, along with their approximate 9-hole scoring averages are:

  • Gold (-13 to -15)

  • Silver (-12 to -14)

  • Bronze (-11 to -14)

  • Purple (-9 to -13)

  • BushWood Country Club (multiple tiers ranging from -4 to -10)

Multiple Opportunities to Win Prizes

There are prize payouts throughout the league season so everybody regardless of skill and ranking can have an opportunity to win payouts.

Regular Season and Post-season Payouts

The majority of our prize payouts are for finishing high in the regular season or winning top 3 places in playoffs. This ensures the most consistent winners get payouts.

Holeout Bounties

Each season we place bounties on the most difficult holes to holeout providing all players an equal chance to win these bounty prizes.

Detailed Tracking of Player and League Statistics

GTM The League has a robust stat-tracking system that covers individual performance, league averages, division averages, course breakdowns and much more. Whether you're looking to see how you stack up against other players or just see where you need more practice, our stats dashboard will provide you the insight to play at the top of your game!

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Season 4 Winners and Results

We just finished a successful season 4 and want to congratulate all the regular and post-season winners!

Regular Season Winners

Regular season winners for each division get a prize payout along with a promotion to the next higher division and the highest seed in the playoff bracket.

Playoff Winners

Each season we finish with a single elimination playoff for the top half of each division (usually 10 players) who compete for additional prize payouts.