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The League FAQ


Each season runs for four weeks and may have a mid-season, full-week break. During these four weeks you can expect to play between 9 and 12 18-hole matches of Golden Tee Mobile each week against the other players in your division. You will have 7 days to play each match once it is sent to your device.

After the regular season, the top 8 in each division will be seeded to a single elimination playoff bracket.


For first time players, we will use your in-game statistics to determine the division where you are most likely to play other players of the same skill level. Most new players start in one of our Bushwood Country Club divisions. 
For all returning players in non-Bushwood divisions, you will be placed in a division based on the previous season’s results and our relegation and promotion rules. We intend to have gold, silver, bronze, and purple divisions start as close to 20 people as possible each season. We reserve the right to adjust promotions and relegations accordingly.


The League is run by players who wanted to establish a better community around Golden Tee Mobile. The League is independent of Incredible Technologies, Inc. There are currently seven members of “The Council” who collectively run The League using their experiences and input from all players. The Council can be reached on Discord by tagging your message with @council.


All match winners are determined by 18-hole combined score with the tiebreaker being total GSP (or GTP if no GSP). Any player winning a match outright with a lower stroke total than the other player will earn 3 points. Any player winning a match by GSP tiebreaker will earn 2 points with the loser of the match by tiebreaker earning 1 point.


All players who sign up are expected to complete their full slate of games on time. All players are expected to join our Discord Server to get updates about League Play.

Any player who does not complete their matches before the timer expires will be removed from The League and will not be eligible to return the following season.


All matches will be played fairly and honestly without the use of any third party tools or assistance to complete the matches. Anybody found to not adhere to this fair play policy will be subject to removal from The League and forfeit any potential prize payouts. This includes:
  • No practice while in the middle of a 9 hole league match. Once a 9 hole league match has started you must play all 9 holes and complete the match.
  • No use of a screen line is allowed during a league match whether it be app/os enabled or a physical modification to your device.
  • No assistive physical or software device that increases your ability to swipe straight is allowed in a league match.


All matches will be generated by The League and sent directly to your device with a 7-day timer. All matches will be played on pro settings for Purple division and above and Expert settings for Bushwood Country Club Divisions. See Data Studio or use the /schedule command in Discord to see your current schedule.


Each player will have as even distribution as possible of all available courses. Any new courses added will be added to the schedule after it’s readily available for Head to Head play in Golden Tee Mobile.


Results will be posted automatically in your League chat in our Discord Server. You can also see leaderboards and results in Data Studio.


The top 4 point totals automatically move up a division along with the winner of the playoffs or the 5th place regular season finisher if one of the top 4 wins the playoffs.


Players ranked 17 or lower in the previous season move down a division. The 16th place finisher also moves down a division if they do not win the post-season consolation bracket in which case the 15th place regular season finisher moves down a division.

To submit your match results after both players have completed the match, you will first go to the screen in the Golden Tee Golf Mobile app where you can see the results of your match. You should see the scorecard showing both players’ scores for the 9-hole match you’re attempting to submit. While on this screen, you will click the course icon on the results screen three times. You will see a popup confirming the results have been submitted. Do the same thing for the second 9-hole scorecard. The results will appear on Data Studio in approximately 20 minutes. See this video for details.


In the regular season, the following tiebreaker format will be used to determine final placement for payouts, promotions and relegations, and bracket seeding:

When two players have the same point total at the end of the season, their head to head results will be compared with the tiebreaker being decided by:

  1. Total points earned in matches against each other, if still tied then:
  2. Total strokes by each player in matches against each other, if still tied then:
  3. Total GSPs scored in matches against each other

If more than 2 players are tied the same process will be used, but will use points, strokes, then GSP totals from ALL matches played between all players.

Multiple Divisions

We currently have 7 divisions with promotions and relegations after each season to ensure every player is matched against players of a similar skill level!


The League automatically sends matches to your device and tracks results and stats so all the players have to do is... PLAY!


We have a variety of prize payouts for regular season play, playoffs, holeout bounties and mid-season tournaments

Discord Community

Our Discord community provides a place for players to interact with each other, get advice, meet other players and setup even more opportunities to play Golden Tee Mobile

Mid-season Tourneys

Most seasons we run mid-season tournaments to allow players from all divisions to play with and against players from other divisions

Live Tournaments

GTM The League hosted the 2022 Windy City Showdown in Addison, IL and is actively planning more in-person tournaments for Golden Tee Mobile

Next Season Signup Form

By joining The League, I agree to complete my full schedule of games (double round robin over 4-5 weeks for a total of approximately 40 18-hole matches). I understand if I fail to complete one match there will be a grace period, but for more than one match I will be removed from The League for that season and there will be no refunds. All promotions / relegations are subject to change due to number of players joining the next season, average scores, etc. The number one priority is to create a fair and equitable playing field for all participants. I acknowledge by joining The League, I will be required to join The League Discord Server to keep up to date with announcements and changes. By clicking yes below I affirm that I will play all matches fairly and honestly and will not use any third party tools (virtual tools or physical tools) or assistance to complete the matches. I will not practice while in the middle of a 9 hole league match. I will not use a screen line while I play a league match whether it be app/os enabled on my screen or a physical modification to my device. I will not use any assistance device/technology that increases my ability to swipe straight in a league match. This is a voluntary consent and on your honor.
Along with submission of this form, please send your entry fee to Tony Johnson, The League Treasurer via Paypal ( or Venmo (@anthony-johnson-937). Send us a Facebook Message if you have any questions or issues. Please check the box for the amount you submitted for your entry fee.
Go to your profile page in-game, click friends and you will have a 10 character GT ID. This is how we will link each player to their scores.
For venmo it's your "@" id, for Paypal it's either a username or email address, etc.